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Display the Standards for Math Practice in your classroom! These 8 posters work as an easy reference for teachers and students.

Standards for Math Practice – Common Core Posters




Do you assign roles like “materials” or “group leader” when students work in groups? Why not assign “Math Practice 5: Use appropriate tools strategically,” instead?

These group roles assign each student a Math Practice Standard in order to focus their participation within the group.

In my classroom when we work through an activity, I put my students in groups of 4 and pick the 4 most relevant Math Practice Standards for the day. Each group member has one Math Practice Standard to focus on and these cards lead the student through what kinds of questions they should ask, what to specifically look out for, and how they should encourage and lead their teammates.

Use different combinations of the 8 Math Practice Standards depending on the focus of the task at hand.

Group Role Cards – Common Core Mathematical Practice Standards



Print these posters out and display all the standards for the year! Put them in sheet protectors and check off the standards you’ve covered, circle parts of standards you will revisit later in the year and get a great overall view of your progress in the course throughout the school year!

At the beginning of a lesson I like to walk over to this display in my room and point out which standards we are working on. At the end of a chapter, we check off the standards covered. Great visual for students throughout the year and a wonderful tool for lesson planning as well!

Posters – CA Common Core Standards

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